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For Lovers of Life at a Smaller Scale

Some grow out of it, others improve it.

Hobby Enthusias
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All Members , Moderated

   This community is for those who love to build, engineer, and/or custom models of all types in large or small scale. Custom radio controlled cars and trucks along with model trains, planes, and ships are our main interests. However, other interests relating to these hobbies are also welcomed. We encourage members to post photos and share information about their creations.

   The Rules:

  Be considerate; don't post unreasonably large photos. Either put them behind livejournal post cuts or post the hyper link to the image.
  Flaming or bashing another member, or member's work is forbidden.
  Discrimination over one's gender, race, class, sexual orientation, place of residence, or religion is forbidden. This community is about the above hobbies and has nothing to do with any of that.
  Please keep the content of this community appropriate for all ages. Use a livejournal cut titled with a warning if you feel your post may offend some.

   Sites of Interests:


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