Project #26: B-Train Grain Trailers

Project #25: Century Class Motor Coach

   This is a little model I put together just to have something different in the fleet. It has a few ruff spots here and there, but I'll leave it as it is. It 'did' come out looking like a motor coach surprisingly. Before I added the paint and chrome it looked more like a U-Haul. *lol*

- Ludwig v. Göff

Project #24: Drop Deck Trailer

Here's a drop deck trailer that came out pretty good. I painted the top silver, while the chassis black. Also added a few tool boxes on the side just like some of the drop decks I see on the road.. Aluminum foil makes nice shiny chorme for the boxes if it's smooth enough.

- Ludwig

Project #22 & #23: Skirtless RC Mack Vision and Double Trailers

The Mack Vision was the first truck I collected in 1/32 scale, and I finially made it radio controlled. I took off the skirt and added a few stripes along the sides. The 'JD' stands for Jasper Distributors.

I added headlights to it as well with blue step lights under both the driver and passenger door.

These are a set of pup trailers I made for my personal company, van Goff Enterprises. The front pup trailer is a dry van, while the other is a reefer. They were made by strong cardboard basicly, and can support the weight of a bowling ball. Small nails were also used to support the frame and lock the doors.

- Ludwig

Truck Station

   Being both sick and near bored something like this was bound to happen. Paying more attention to my room I got tired of having my collection of models placed on the floor in the open; lined up against the wall. It looked fine at first, though later it started to look too plain and junky to me. This way it looks neater, yet more interesting; and making power lines added a more realsitc flavor to the scene I was going for - a station. The lights are controlled by a railroad transformer that's plugged into the wall; while electricity flows from it to the cables. It is safe the way I built it. The lights can be adjusted as dim or as bright as I want, and can stay on all night and day if I wanted them to. Best part is in the end the station hardly took up much space.

- Ludwig v. Göff

New Paint Job

   This is the same rc Freightliner Classic XL I posted a while back; though today I wanted to give it another look. The paint is a bit ruff imo; because it turned out to be a different type of paint than I thought it was. It still looks good, and I might find a way to repaint it later. I also added a wing to the hood of the truck.


   Shots of the trailer I painted to go with the cab.

- Ludwig v. Göff

Three Shades of Blue

   I gave my RC model of the Freightliner Columbia day cab some skin and a name. After thinking of a name and design, I came up with P. F. Lucille Motor Freight The Royal Expedite. The name Lucille came from a pet ferret I once had. With the cab, I removed the sleeper, cut the chassis, gave it horns, an exhaust pipe, realistic working antenna, working headlights, tank fenders; and a new motor.

  - Ludwig