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Cars for sale

Hey Every1! I'm new on this community,so here goes.I am an avid collector of model cars.I Have about 70-
1:18 Scale cars and about the same amount of 1:64 scale cars.I am in financial peril at the moment.
Although it pains me terribly to do this,I am attempting to sell off at least sme of my collection.So here is
A listing: 1970 Dodge Coronet (Purple),1953 Buick Skylark Conv.(Green,VERY RARE!)1957 Chrysler 300-C
(Black),1962 Chevy Bel-Air (White),1949 Cadillac Deville(Black W/ Leather seats)1966 Pontiac GTO(Green),
1963 Pontiac Tempest (Blue),1970 Chevy Monte Carlo (Maroon),Also Brand new in box!:1948 Ford
Howard Johnson Ice Cream Truck (EXTREMELY RARE!!!),1967 Olds Cutlass 442. I will accept any decent offer over $150.00, Now I know this is a little pushy for a first posting on this community,And I apologize for that.
But I am in dire straights!! I need to sell these models BEFORE X-Mas!! The 57' Chrysler goes for bet.$40.&
$50. On line As well as the Ice Cream Truck and The Cutlass. If anyone is interested,please contact me at
My e-mail address:BDCDWELLS@ Frontiernet.net And Thanks for your consideration! Also,please note:
that I can have my son post picture of these cars and e-mail them to you.They will also be listed on e-bay
collector toys and hobbies until the 15 or16 of Dec. Many Thanks! And God Bless!

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