Model For Sale

Model Boat- Skill Level 1

Item retails for $40. Selling here - IN UNOPENED CONDITION WITH Xacto Tools (Pin Vise & miter saw) for $30.00

All wood is intact in NEW condition. Nothing has been opened, unfolded or cut. Box is not sealed, but I have inventoried everything.

Same item online: http://www.ehobbies.com/mid970.html

Perfect for ages 10 & up.

Post a comment for details


Previously for sale models

The models I had previously posted for sale,are now NOT for sale!I did however recieve the 1960
DeSoto I had pre-ordered from Diecast muscle.com If you haven't seen this model yet I suggest you do so! It is a fine example of the last model year of a great company!If any1 is at all interested,I have quite a collection going and I may be persuaded to part with a few -FOR THE RIGHT PRICE!!I can post pics if you want!I am not a store,just an enthusiast like you.Or if NE1 has anything to trde let me know! I might be persuaded to do that too!!Until next time MODEL UP PEOPLE!!!

Cars for sale

Hey Every1! I'm new on this community,so here goes.I am an avid collector of model cars.I Have about 70-
1:18 Scale cars and about the same amount of 1:64 scale cars.I am in financial peril at the moment.
Although it pains me terribly to do this,I am attempting to sell off at least sme of my collection.So here is
A listing: 1970 Dodge Coronet (Purple),1953 Buick Skylark Conv.(Green,VERY RARE!)1957 Chrysler 300-C
(Black),1962 Chevy Bel-Air (White),1949 Cadillac Deville(Black W/ Leather seats)1966 Pontiac GTO(Green),
1963 Pontiac Tempest (Blue),1970 Chevy Monte Carlo (Maroon),Also Brand new in box!:1948 Ford
Howard Johnson Ice Cream Truck (EXTREMELY RARE!!!),1967 Olds Cutlass 442. I will accept any decent offer over $150.00, Now I know this is a little pushy for a first posting on this community,And I apologize for that.
But I am in dire straights!! I need to sell these models BEFORE X-Mas!! The 57' Chrysler goes for bet.$40.&
$50. On line As well as the Ice Cream Truck and The Cutlass. If anyone is interested,please contact me at
My e-mail address:BDCDWELLS@ Frontiernet.net And Thanks for your consideration! Also,please note:
that I can have my son post picture of these cars and e-mail them to you.They will also be listed on e-bay
collector toys and hobbies until the 15 or16 of Dec. Many Thanks! And God Bless!

The New Volvo

Since New-Ray just came out with the Volvo VN-780 I was able to complete the model of my designed trucking company.

The matching cab was all I needed. They did a good job on the 780 Volvo, looks sharp. I basicly added my logos to it's doors and roof, and a step warning sign. I also made it RC so it's a bit higher off the ground due to the chassis. I'd like to see this truck on the road someday. :)

- Ludwig

Shafter Combo ISO Tank Chassis with ISO Tanks

   I was up all night building this thing and it came out better than any of my other trailer ideas. I was introduced to a new product I could use in place of super glue; and it's even stronger. It's call 'Sticky Putty'. This came out as a very neat homemade addition; the looks of intermodal right from the ship channel.

   The crates are just made of cardboard, so they aren't that great of a sight. The ISO tanks 'AFC Industries LLC' and 'Universal Compression' are made of cans; they were just the right scale. :p


   Some shots of it loaded with the crates. It works with single or double load.


- Ludwig

Covered Wagon

A covered wagon trailer I made using the basic flatdeck. The only thing I need to do sometime is paint the trailer chassis another color. I'm thinking silver, and paint the wheels red to replace the green.


The trailer needs a name too. Though I'm trying to decide if I should write it on the rack or the tarp.

- Ludwig

Another Paint Job

Today I went to Toys "R" Us and bought the plain white Freightliner Classic XL. I desided to paint parts of it using red; like I did with the other Classic using green. I also for the first time painted the chassie to match. This one is R/C as well.


- Ludwig